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The Ei168 RadioLINK Base transmits a radio frequency (RF) alarm signal when the unit attached to it senses fire. When it receives an RF signal from another Ei168 Base, the attached alarm will sound. It therefore eliminates the need to install long interconnect wires between all the alarms on different floors in different rooms. The Ei168 RadioLINK Base is designed for use with the Easi Fit range of mains powered alarms. The Ei168 itself is also mains powered and has rechargeable lithium cells for back-up in the event of mains failure. The Ei168 base will normally be wired to the nearest mains circuit in the ceiling (usually the lighting circuit). The alarm is then slid onto the base rather than to its mounting plate. As many as twelve units can be interconnected in this way. The RF range can be extensively improved by either adjusting the wire antenna or by converting the base into a repeater" i.e. re-transmission of the RF signals.

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